Allergy Relief Probiotic - USDA Beef

Allergy Relief Probiotic - USDA Beef

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Our Allergy Relief line are functional treats that taste great but also work to reduce allergy related symptoms and ailments. Formulated containing 1 billion CFU of heat stable Probiotic and clinically tested ingredients, our Allergy Relief treats reduce inflammation and boost the immune system while combatting histamine- causing compounds within the body.


100% USDA Beef

Organic Flax

Organic Turmeric

Organic Psyllium Husk

Black Walnut

Olive Leaf

Probiotic (1 Billion CFU)

Natural Smoke Flavor


Rescue Pet Foods Allergy Relief treats are ideal for pets with picky appetites. They help to reduce affects of seasonal allergies, inflamed skin and paws and obsessively scratching. Formulated containing hypoallergenic properties, our Rescue Pet Foods Allergy Relief treats are perfect for healthy dogs and cats, but extra special for those with sensitive needs. Just a few pieces a day can make a noticeable difference in the health and well being of your pet.