Treats Perfect for Dogs and Cats with Allergies.

Because They Mean Everything

The best in Functional Foods and Treats.
Probiotic Infused. Allergy Support for Itching.

Dog or Cat Constantly Sick?

Gi Issues or Inflamed Skin? Cancer or Reoccurring Ear Infections? 
Rescue Pet Foods introduces Functional Feeding.

Treats infused with Probiotics, Enzymes, and Wellness Supportive herbs.
Formulated for the pickiest pets.
Crafted for those who want to support their health and wellness.

Not Just a Treat. A Supplement.

Dog Itching and Biting their feet?

Immune Support

The Rescue Pet Foods Difference

USDA and Organic Meats

Made in human grade facilities with restaurant quality meats, our Rescue Pet Food treats contain only the finest ingredients.

Containing human grade ingredients and novel proteins, our treats are designed for pets with sensitivity from allergies and low functioning immune systems. Our treats are offered in five proteins; USDA Beef, Rabbit and Venison and Organic Chicken and Turkey.  

Made especially for them but safe for even you to eat! Our treats are filler free and contain zero sugars and preservatives.

Probiotics Make a Difference

Clinically tested to make a difference, probiotics can be a game changer in your pet's life. 

All living things require beneficial gut flora in order to live natural and healthy lives. Probiotics are necessary to maintain healthy digestion and a fully functioning immune system. Giving your dog or cat daily probiotics have been proven to increase longevity, promote healthy living and boost immune function.

Each package contains 1 billion colony forming units of heat stable probiotics. 

Inflammation Reducing

The key to healthy living is to maintain a balanced immune system and reduce internal inflammation. 

Here at Rescue Pet Foods we infuse our treats with hypoallergenic properties, natural herbs and probiotics that support immune function as well as decrease internal inflammation. 

Containing clinically tested ingredients, a little Rescue Pet Food treat a day can go a long way in increasing the longevity and health of your furry loved one.